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Now that was a game


Just... Wow. What a game. Outcome, shmoutcome, that was what I expected the league to be like post-lockout and they played it very well. The Lightning put forth an effort that I believe is their best of the season tonight but it was still short of the dominance put forth by the Ottawa Senators.

John Grahame remains in my dog house - he gave this game away trying for the umpteenth time during the game to feed the puck up ice while surrounded by Senators... His flops early in certain save situations put him at risk for top shelf goals...

But honestly - the game was just better than my pouting about John Grahame. Steady back and forth play and the Sens are incredible to watch...

Alas, there is no Brad Richards and Vincent Lecavalier's PPG's are for naught. The Lightning are downed once again by the Senators.. 4-2 the final.