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Nik takes a seat

I was going to write a post saying how dominating Khabibulin can be if he's trying to prove a point, and how tonight's game could be that type of game for him...

That post is for later though and needless (though supportive).... The Wall sits tonight in his return to Tampa Bay.

I'd call it a bad move if not for Khabby's quote right here:

``It's a little bit different,'' Khabibulin said of facing Tampa Bay as opposed to Phoenix. ``I don't have anything to prove in this building. We won a Cup here.''

Is that the reason he was unfallable in games versus Phoenix? He thought he had something to prove? And is that why he is playing so poorly in Chicago this season? He feels he has nothing to prove?

Bad form Nik... It wasn't ultimately his decision to ride the pine, but the quote is bad form....