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Hang on to what we've got

The Lightning's vice this season has been hanging on to leads that it has mustered early on. Hanging on to them until that final horn sounds and everybody goes home... That's been the vice of the team.

Tim Taylor noticed it, anyone without a severe visual impairment watching thsi team between 2003 and 2006 can tell that as well... Holding on to clinch a win wasn't something the 2005-06 Lightning have been willing or able to do.

Friday they decided to give it a try.

With the ghost of Dave Andreychuk haunting the arena after his mid-week execution from the NHL (editors note: I have no clue if Dave was in the building or in attendance) the Lightning stepped up in several areas of there game (was it just me or were the Lightning actually playing physical and checking people into the boards??). The Bolts continued there streak of shots, peppering Marc Denis with 39 over the course of the game... Of course only 4 of those were needed to seal the games fate -- a victory for the Lightning, keepign them in playoff contention (the #8 seed at this time). 4-2 was the final from Times Palace last night. Tim Taylor, Rusland Fedotenko, Martin St. Louis and Vincent Lecavalier all chipped in...

The win was also John Tortorella's 143rd with the Lightning, moving him ahead of Terry Crisp as the Lightning's winningest coach. Crisp had tenure with the Lightning in amassing his career record while Torts has had talent on his side (on the roster. Both coaches are equally talented)...