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Out of towners take on Mishkin/Espo

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Came across a new "Canes blog on my evening web surf... This is just fitting seeing we just played them... Of course CasonBlog has some problems with Tampa Bay radiocasts...

Espo sounds like a some old guy in a wife-beater t-shirt, kicking back in his lazy boy recliner, seven beers into a twelve-pack, griping and grumbling incoherently more to himself than anybody else in the room. The only diversion from homer propaganda I heard last night was an Espo rant directed towards Darryl Sydor. It kind of went like this: "That was terrrible. Just terrible. What are you doing Sydor? Agnes, get me my smokes and another beer." And that little weasel Mishkin-in a nanosecond, he goes from the monotone delivery of Chris Schenkel calling a Pro Bowler's Association event, to some lathered up Hamas protester at a "Today we hate the Danes more than Jews" rally.

For the record -- I'm hearing impaired. I stand neutral on this one as I add Casonblog to the blogroll...