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Busy night in Tampa Bay Sports

You got Les Bolts versus Les Habs getting underway in just a little while formt eh Times Palace...

You got the Million Dollar Stakes greyhound race at Derby Lane in St. Petersburg around 10:30 tonight (I bring it up because I own a Whippet and have grown fondness for sighthounds)....

And then?  Across the big wide pond known as the Atlantic, local boy Jeff Lacy goes head to head for the WBO Super Middleweight Title versus the Welsh Whiner, Joe Calzaghe

I come off as hostile to Calzaghe not because of the media hype surrounding his 40-0 record (the negative hype that he won't fight tough opponents, he won't leave home to fight, etc) but basically in defense of Lacy who is down to busy now in Britan and getting rough treatment from the British media who are enamoured with the charismatic hometown boy. I'm not going to go so far as make predictions (which are always disproven in one faccet or another)... I might as well go with the old Clubber Lang addage that tonight, the only guarantee will be "Pain."