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Three years going

I made no hoopla about the site turning three years old a matter of days ago. I focused on waiting until February 21st to celebrate because I am upgrading my Extreme Tracking package which has been tracking site statistics since February 21st, 2004 and needed to be upgraded...

...Which also meant it needed to be reset.

So, to all the readers who have ventured to the site -- my regulars as well as the lurkers out there -- and with many thanks to the hockey blogosphere for putting up with my antics, I give a heart felt thanks for supporting Boltsmag for three years. I know I am not the most prolific blogger anymore but I'm still here and never would have imagined how big this site's rep would have gotten.

Below you will find the final Extreme tracking data for Boltsmag... just a few stats regarding views and counts and the like... Mind you the table that will show up is warped a bit / will warp the layout of the site.<!--more-->

SummaryPeriod: 1093 Days
Daily Unique: Totals:

Unique Visitors 122494 - 68.46%
Yesterday 161 / 20 Feb, Tue, 2007 Visits incl. Reloads 178906
Average 112 Reloads 56412 - 31.53%

Highest Day 429 / 29 Aug, Mon, 2005 Visitors via Referrers 40325 - 32.91%
Weekly Unique: Website Referrers 3308
Current Week 349 / Wk 08, 2007 Javascript Enabled 113753 - 92.86%

Last Week 931 / Wk 07, 2007
Average 770 Most accessed:
Highest Week 2727 / Wk 31, 2005 Browser MSIE 6

Monthly Unique: Operating System Windows XP
Current Month 2574 / Feb, 2007 Screen Resolution 1024x768
Last Month 3966 / Jan, 2007 Screen Color 32 Bit (16.7M)

Average 3310 Searchengine Google
Highest Month 8709 / Aug, 2005 Keyword lightning

Highest Hour of the Day 15:00 - 15:59 Domain/Country .com / United States

Highest Day of the Week Tuesday Continent North America