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I've been taking a sabatical from the computer the last few days -- startin gyesterday -- and I've just become aware of Jay Feaster's latest move:

The Lightning acquired Shane O'Brien and a 2008 3rd round draft choice in exchange for their 2007 1st round pick and Gerald Coleman....

My very first reaction to this is: "Say What?!" simply because I do not know O'Brien.

But seeing he is a 23 year old with a +5 in 62 games at the NHL, he is obviously a long range acquisition as to a short term fix. I like that aspect of the trade. I already noted a few days ago that the Lightning need to not only strengthen themselves for a playoff run but put themselves in a position to deal with pending free agency from Lightning defensivemen. I believe this move accomplishes that...

But it is certain to disappoint some fans who would like a name brought in -- someone who is a polished veteran -- not a up-and-comer.