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ECQ: Tampa Bay Lightning at New Jersey Devils (Game 5) Open Thread

Well, after the I told you so of game #4....

The pressure is on to put another nail in the coffin — but when the pressure has been on for the Bolts to perform, they’ve faultered.

...I'm wondering if Marty is being pompous?:

Still, he was the 2004 regular-season MVP, so it was notable when St. Louis said, "I agree," when someone mentioned they believed his overall game is better than his Hart Trophy season.

"I have more experience, more maturity," St. Louis, 31, said. "I know the level I have to go to in the playoffs to help the team win."

He backs it up on ice but still -- these aren't always the types of stories you want to hear going into a clutch game.

...and if the Lightning will continue their in-season trend and drop another crucial game when things still are open season? We find out tonight...