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With the fourth selection in the 2007 entry draft...

My opinion and expectations of the Buccaneers are at their lowest level since 1994... I don't say this because of simply the flip between winning and losing seasons but I do mean overall direction of the franchise and it's decent into mediocrity.

That being said, I'm not going to go into talking draft stuff. No sir, there are two great Buccaneer blogs that will have the bases covered for you come Saturday when the Bucs screw up make their selection.

Make sure you check out Buc'Em which has ongoing draft coverage as well as a poll about who should be the Bucs #1 pick. And if you need more and want a little more razz, snark and color -- make sure you drop in on ski and his Best Bucs Blog with in depth discussion of mock drafts, in depth mocking of past drafts, etc...

And of course if you want no seriousness whatsoever and like your Satire well done concerning the Buccaneers -- get toxic with the Red Tide News. It may not be up to date or up to the minute but Toe and company keep you laughing and have so for years now.

And where would I be without making a plug for FanHome's NFL Entry Draft thread and Rumors and Draft discussion forum?