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How do you say "WTF" in Czech?

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Well, either the NHL thinks highly of the Tampa Bay Lightning or they're trying to get even with us for something or other...

There's a news piece out of Pittsburgh (covered here by stating the NHL is interested in having the Lightning and the Pittsburgh Penguins open the 2008-09 campaign in Prague, Czech Republic.

Of course, there's also this bit that shows you how much I'm reading the sports section these days:

A Lightning official confirmed in Sunday's St. Petersburg Times that the Florida team has been approached by the league for participation.

Lightning vs. Penguins and vice versa is a thrilling match-up when both teams are playing up to their potential. It's also a superb marketing tool. The only problem I see is, well, Gary and company? You guys still do a shit job marketing in the US -- let alone in Europe. I know you need to make the NHL a global product but you also need to strengthen your exposure at home. Just saying...