2009 - a Tampa Bay Oddessy

The city of Tampa and Raymond James Stadium hath been awarded the 2009 Roman Numeral Classic.

Winning the bidding war over Arthur Blank and Atlanta's presentation, Tampa has squelched 150 Million dollars worth of improvements to Georgia Dome that Blank was hoping for. Continuing rivalry, anyone?

This will be the area's fourth Super Bowl. It'll be the third that I've been a resident for. It's odd, cuz I still can remember it like yesterday when I had friend bragging about being part of the Half Time show of Super Bowl XXV (one of the greatest games of them all). Of course, none of them were on TV because ABC decided to forgo halftime-show coverage in favor of coverage of the Persian Gulf War.... But it still was a huge event.

Just, this time, please do not allow Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears or even Whitney Houston anywhere near the show.... please?