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2010 Vancouver Olympic Hockey Game Thread Schedule

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Here is a list of the games we play on having game threads for. The games were determined by level of interest and also be level of competition. I don't know about you, but I know that I'm not interested in sitting through a hockey game that ends 18-0.

Any elimination rounds, semifinals, or various other playoff / medal games will be determined once the brackets are set.

Tuesday, 16 February: USA vs Russia (women) at 5:30 pm Eastern

This probably won't be a very competitive game, but it's the USA versus Russia. Trying to work with the nostalgia appeal here. The men's games going on on this day should be blowouts. This women's game shouldn't be so bad.

The men's games going on this day are: USA vs Switzerland, Canada vs Norway, and Russia vs Latvia.

Wednesday, 17 February: Canada vs Sweden (women) at 5:30 pm Eastern; Czech Republic vs Slovakia (men) at 8 pm (?) Eastern

This should be a very competitive game. About the only two countries that can challenge the Canadian and US women are Finland and Sweden. This is what happens when the US and Canadian women's programs are at least 10 years ahead of everyone else's.

The other games going on this day are: Switzerland vs Slovakia (women), Finland vs Belarus (men), and Sweden vs Germany (men).

Thursday, 18 February: USA vs Finland (women) at 5:30 Eastern

This is another day where the only truly competitive game is in women's hockey.

Other games going on this day are: Russia vs China (women), USA vs Norway (men), Canada vs Switzerland (men), Slovakia vs Russia (men).

Friday, 19 February: No game threads scheduled

All men's games are scheduled for this day: Belarus vs Sweden, Finland vs Germany, Czech Republic vs Latvia

Saturday, 20 February: USA vs Canada (men) at 8 pm Eastern; Finland vs Sweden (men) at midnight (?) Eastern

I don't think I need to say anything more about these games.

Other men's games scheduled are: Switzerland vs Norway, Slovakia vs Latvia, Belarus vs Germany, Russia vs Czech Republic.

No women's games are scheduled as round robin play has been completed by this time. And this also completes the men's round robin schedule.

Keep checking back for Olympic updates, game threads, stories an more!