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2010 NHL Draft Lottery open thread

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NHL Draft 2010 LA
NHL Draft 2010 LA

WHERE:  NHL Offices, New York City, New York 
MEDIA:  Versus (cable), NHL Network (cable), TSN (Canada, cable)

The season is over and yesterday Jeff Vinik kick-started the off season.  Not having a GM or a head coach won't stop the fact the Lightning will find out their selection position in the 2010 NHL Entry draft around 8:20 this evening.   

Let me point everyone to the post about the NHL draft lottery rules that we put up late last month.  That should give you an idea of who is going to pick first, second, third...etc...  But it's not locked in with thanks to chance. 

At any rate, we'll discuss the Lightning off-season as well as draft prospects in the comments, along with our usual witty banter and NHL-in-general comments.

[Note by John Fontana, 04/13/10 8:38 PM EDT ]

The Tampa Bay Lightning have drawn the #6 selection in the 2010 NHL Draft.  The Edmonton Oilers will be selecting #1 overall.