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Thank You

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I would just like to take some time and thank everyone who has made this site what it is. We really appreciate the people who stop by and make their presence felt, of course. But we also really appreciate those who frequently read but don't necessarily have anything to say. Without everybody, we wouldn't be what we are today - so thank you for your interest and participation

This last weekend was a bit rough for all of us, I think. As you may have noticed, we've added additional fantastic writers to help John Fontana and myself out. But, for whatever reason, this past weekend was just a case of life getting in the way. Two of us had weddings to go to, another is packing up for a month-long trip to Europe, one had family issues to deal with, yet another had work and family to take care of. John was sort of left hanging alone, and though he was at the draft in LA, he happened to have injured himself while he was there. He's okay, but it still impacted what he was able to do.

I'd also like to personally thank John for all of the hard work that he does to keep this site running smoothly. He's the mastermind that keeps this place running, and I don't even want to think about how it'd be without him. So, thank you, John!

I would also like to apologize to our readers for not providing the most comprehensive coverage that we might have been able to for the draft. But, as we all know, things happen and that's just the way it goes. We will be able to cover the free agency feeding frenzy as usual on Thursday, however. So no worries about that.

Again, thank you for your interest, your patience, and your participation. We enjoy writing about the Lightning for you, and hope that you enjoy reading. Of course, you're always welcome to write about the Lightning yourselves on this site as well - and we encourage people to do that, in fact. Just log in and post some thoughts. All we ask is that people are able to read what you write and that you're respectful.

Don't think of this as just a place to come and read news, but a place to hang out with people who follow the same team you do. Comments and posts are always welcome. And feel free to make suggestion on how to improve things, too. Hockey fans aren't like other fans, as the commercial goes. We're all just one big hockey family - particularly during that hockey desert known as the offseason.

We have open threads Tuesday nights starting at 7:30 pm Eastern all through the summer. And we'll be providing fresh content as well. So feel free to stop in, put your feet up, and share what's on your mind about the Lightning.'s to free agency, the long hockey-starved dog days of summer, and a winning season starting in October!