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Tuesday night open thread and link dump

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Guy Boucher, the Stanley Cup Finals, the NHL Draft...  what a week for Lightning fans.

Lightning links

The Tampa Bay Rays had their themed road trip to Toronto last week, in celebration of the sport of hockey.  It didn't sit well with some that the majority of the team had Blackhawks sweaters on.  [Creative Loafing]

With Harvard losing talent, questions surround the future of Alex Killorn == continue playing collegiate hockey or go pro?  [Bolt Prospects]

Nolan wonders if Mike Leighton should be looked at as a possibility as a backup goalie for the Bolts?  [Frozen Sheets Hockey]

Pat Verbeek was officially name a member of the Lightning scouting staff today.  Welcome to Tampa, Little Ball of Hate.  [TBO]

Stanley Cup Finals

Announcing your Stanley Cup Champion merchandise!  Well before we have a named champion!  [Puck Daddy]

If you want the most interesting stories about hockey players, look no further than their medical stories [Chicago Tribune]

Chris Pronger has one of the most awesome quotes I've ever heard...  [NHL Videocenter]

...and has been redubbed by Chicago as "Chrissy Pronger".  [Puck Daddy]

General Hockey Links

He doesn't get as much notoriety as some of the long running hockey bloggers, but Mike at Confessions of a Hockey Fantatic celebrated his eighth anniversary on Sunday [Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic]

MLB manager Bud Black recalls his father, Harry "Bud" Black Sr. and MLB looks back at southern California hockey from days gone by.  [MLB]

Jason Spezza and Bryan Murray sit down and talk about his future in Ottawa.  Hilarity ensues.  [Stay Classy]

Former Lightning owner, former NHL player...  Now Len Barrie can add "bankrupt resort proprietor " to his titles. [The Globe and Mail]


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