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Tuesday night link dump and open thread

It seems like every other week there is something major that goes down for the Lightning.  First, Yzerman.  Two weeks later, Boucher.  

This time, it's the acquisition of Simon Gagne.

Lightning links

  • It's "The Summer of Stevie" [The Sporting News]
  • The Gagne deal is a backwards-building move but it's a good move says Joe Henderson [TBO]
  • Even at it's worst possible outcome, the Bolts come out on top with this trade (well, unless that fourth round draft pick...) []
  • Quotes from the team and around the league about the deal. []
  • Video of Steven Stamkos being told about the trade, and his reaction [TSN]
  • It's a Flyers perspective but The Hockey Writers are questioning the Simon Gagne trade -- as they should.  As Any Flyer fan should.  [The Hockey Writers]
  • Mike Corcoran gives a rundown of the day -- Gagne fallout (and Malone rumors), the new coaching staff, and taking the naysaying traditional media to task. [Creative Loafing]
  • Lost Amid the hubbub of the deal yesterday, the Lightning had a feature article about a groundbreaking player that once wore Lightning colors:  netminder Manon Rheaume [Tampa Bay Lightning]
  • Speaking of names from the Lightning's past, did you know former Bolts defenseman and fan favorite Enrico Ciccone is on Twitter? [Twitter]
  • Su Ring interviewed Bolts draft pick Radko Gudas before the Developmental Camp last week [King 5]
  • Lost and Found [Don't Trade Vinny]

League wide links below the jump, and don't forget to vote int eh fan confidence poll!

Hockey links

  • Shattuck-St. Mary's is the prep epicenter for the game of hockey, boasting alumni such as Zach Parise, Sidney Crosby, and  Lightning prospect Jimmy Mullin among others  [The Hockey Writers]
  • ESPN, your hockey news coverage sucks.  Signed -- Mike Commodore and NHL fans everywhere [Defending Big D]
  • Rick Dudley will move veterans if young players demonstrate ability with Thrashers [Bird Watchers Anonymous]
  • Youth Hockey in the Southeast division, is it a sign that the game is catching on? [Hoosier Hockey]
  • Going off-the-board with draft selections.  [mc79hockey]
  • Should the NHL do anything, or what can they do, about ridicul9ous contracts like the one Ilya Kovalchuk signed yesterday? [On The Forecheck]
  • Salary Cap Charity, the kindness of competitors in helping to ease the Salary Cap burden [Hockey Plumber]
  • Should the Panthers be wary that they haven't made a move now that Gagne is in Tampa? [The Litter Box]

General links

  • Hi, welcome to Kanes Furniture!  Oh, you're here about the promotion we're co-sponsoring?  Get bent. [SB Nation Tampa Bay]
  • Only Sith deal in absolutes...  and Bill Foster, St. Petersburg mayor. [Rays Index]
  • Brett Favre's mouth kept him from wearing Pewter [Joe Bucs Fan]