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Tuesday night link dump and open thread

The dead of summer continues...  But there is light, my friends.  There is light.  It is exactly one month until the Lightning are scheduled to open training camp.  Four weeks, three days. 

31 days...  And all of seven weeks until the season gets underway.

Yes, there is still waiting to be done.  Yes, there are still issues to be resolved (Steve Downie, come get your next contract)...  But tomorrow is coming sooner than you think.

Lightning Links

Hockey Links

  • Odd eBay hockey items, volume 2 [From The Rink]
  • I don't think of Eddie Murphy as a true action hero in any way.  Patrick Kane being a prick on the other hand... [Don't Trade Vinny]
  • Once again, someone online does what they can to remind you that you cannot trust just any source.  Insider news has been faked for a very long time, and the spread of fake news is helped along by the social media... [Leafs HQ]
  • ...And then goes out and proves his point.  Not just with a deliberate BS rumor but one that he prefaced with saying it was fake  [Leafs HQ]
  • Solitude.  A male dominated sport and game...  And one incident that gave Peter Evans some perspective on what female hockey players go through on male teams.[Hoosier Hockey]
  • Dan Hamhuis has earned the interest of Alix Wright...  As well as a swine new nickname [Canucks Hockey Blog]
  • Jimmy Howard, Tuukka Rask, and the possibility of the Sophomore Slump.  [View from My Seats]

General Links

  • "Tampa Bay".  Just when did Tampa Bay first get used as the home for local professional teams? [Rays Index]
  • Credentialed bloggers are increasing around pro sports.  Here's some insight on the Caps policy and how it was formed, as well as some tips on hwo to handle press access if you are a credentialed blogger [National Sports Journalism Center]
  • The Tampa Bay Storm are going to the Arena Bowl...  But do you care?  [SB Nation Tampa Bay]