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Tuesday night link dump and open thread

Welcome to the doldrums...  The venerable dog days of summer where hockey does not seem to exist but in our own recollections.

Lightning links

  • Paul Ranger.  Jon Jordan thinks that, after ten months, it's time for a resolution on his future playing status [Hockey Independent]
  • If you haven't been paying attention, "Yzermania" is sweeping the hockey world with thanks to his good start as GM in TB [Puck Daddy]
  • In another depth move, the Lightning have signed forward Mike Angelidis to a two-way contract [Bolt Prospects]
  • A video interview of Tod Leiweke by Lightning TV personality Rick Peckham [Lightning Video]
  • Are the Bolts a new NHL powerhouse?  For fantasy hockey owners, it would certainly appear so [The Hockey Writers]
  • Crime does not pay [Don't Trade Vinny]
  • This is a little old now but I chuckled...  A fitting Photoshop of Marty [nhLOL]
  • Curious about additions and subtractions for the Bolts this off-season (so far)?  Check the Lined-Up Update.  Not comprehensive but close enough for government work
  • Are you following Raw Charge on Twitter?

Hockey links

  • The Phoenix Coyotes ownership saga continues. [Sportsnet]
  • Not all Detroit Red Wings fans are excited about the reports that Mike Modano will be playing for the club [One Minute of Play]
  • Instead of spreading out ice rinks, how about stacking them on top of each other?  A Toronto suburb is pitching this concept in a new facility. [The Star]
  • Chris Gratton may be playing in Britain next season for the Edinburgh Capitals [British Ice Hockey]
  • Are you a pro athlete and intrigued by Twitter?  Wanna know how it's done?  Here's your guide right here [Down Goes Brown]
  • The Chicago Blackhawks walked away from Antti Niemi's arbitration award...  It begs the question just how much Niemi is really worth [From the Rink]
  • Back-to-back games are a challenge for any team.  That being said, Dirk Hoag takes a look at the 10 toughest back-to-back game sets that are forthcoming in the 2010-11 season [On The Forecheck]

General links

  • How come Asian players who join MLB get interpreters, but Latin-American players don't?  Ozzie Guillen set off a firestorm asking this question.  The New York Mets stand behind him, though. [New York Times]
  • The World Cup took place this summer in South Africa, the US is trying to bring the Cup to the US in 2018 or 2022...  And Tampa wants to be one of the cities that host games.  Sign up to show your support.  [Go USA Bid]
  • "America's best sports fans" -- a flawed list by seeing they include a very Canadian team in their American list [Forbes]
  • Hard to imagine that, a year ago, we were lamenting the passing of the Tampa Bay Storm and Arena Football [Raw Charge]
  • For those using Twitter, Clark Brooks offers a list of people to follow (players, fans, media) if you're a Tampa Bay Rays fan [SB Nation Tampa Bay]
  • Buc'em has been replaced by Bucs Nation.  It'll always be Buc'em to me. [Bucs Nation]
  • Speaking of the Bucs, Craig T gives his team preview for the 2010 Buccaneers [SB Nation / NFL]
  • For Tampa Bay residents, don't forget to vote in Creative Loafing's 2010 Best of the Bay poll [Creative Loafing]
Here's a final thought for hose who read down this far -- are here any Tampa Ba Lightning blogs that you know of that aren't covered in our Boltosphere (Lightning blogroll)?  Mention it in comments.