2011 NHL free agency open thread

The free agent season for the National Hockey League begins at Noon EDT today.  Everything and nothing will happen within the first several hours of free agency.  There will be so much of so little going on that we, the fans, will salivate (or laugh derisively) over every rumor and every free agent signing by all 30 NHL clubs.

It compares to Christmas in that not only will there be gifts for teams fans, but there will be let downs ("That's not what I wanted!") and this last saturation of hockey will have to last you for months on end (until training camps open, to be more precise).

Of course, this is Raw Charge and the focus for Tampa Bay Lightning fans is on Steven Stamkos, and seeing what Steve Yzerman, the Jedi Master and General Manager, cooks up for an encore to his well received first season as GM of the Bolts.

With whatever happens, and whatever is forthcoming, this is your open thread for discussion of the days events from across the NHL. Chat as you please about the future of Brad Richards, Tomas Vokoun, and the rest of the 2011 NHL free agency class.

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