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The Southeast This Week

The big news? The Lightning shutout the Capitals again.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the only game for the Lightning this week.  Following that, we lost to the Devils again, and gave up ground to the Hurricanes. 

The special teams for the Lightning were absolutely terrible.  They scored one power play goal all week, and gave up two shorthanded goals.  They capped it all by allowing four power play goals to the Hurricanes on Saturday.  That needs no analysis.  

After the jump, things you may or may not have wanted to know about the other teams in the division.

Atlanta Thrashers:  The slumping continues.  The Thrashers are 3-5-2 in their last ten, and sit just one point ahead of the Hurricanes for the last playoff spot.  They lost all three games this week, and gave up 15 goals.  Coach Craig Ramsay questioned his players' commitment to winning.  Personally, I'd question their commitment to defense.  


Ironically, Chris Mason left the game Saturday after being injured by a teammate sliding into him while attempting to block a shot.  At this point, there's no time table for his return.

Carolina Hurricanes:  Despite being one of the hottest teams in the NHL, the Hurricanes aren't satisfied.  For all the criticism Erik Cole has garnered in the past few years, the things he's saying in that interview are what true leaders say.  I maintain: The Hurricanes are scary. 

Florida Panthers:  The Panthers' potential playoff run has certainly been a hot topic in this feature.  That run took a big hit yesterday with defenseman Bryan McCabe having surgery on a broken jaw.  He'll be out 4-6 weeks.  McCabe is another who has been on the bad end of a lot of criticism throughout his career, but given that he only missed one shift against New Jersey with a broken jaw, he gets a pass from me.  That's pretty intense. 

Washington CapitalsThe Capitals have been in a bit of an offensive funk lately.  Interesting question: While their scoring woes have allowed the Southeast to become more competitive, given the constant promotion from the league, is it bad news for the Capitals to be just okay?