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#91 and #44 join the Twitter ranks

The first players (verified by the team) from the Tampa Bay Lightning to join Twitter, if you don't count Dan Ellis who had previously been on Twitter before joining the Lighting, have come to light.

The co-Rocket Richard trophy winner, and current NHL goal scoring leader Steven Stamkos is verified by the Tampa Bay Lightning as having a Twitter account now.

Stamkos is not alone, however, as center Nate Thompson is also in the Twitter ranks. Not only has he been tweeting since late February, he also seems to have the gist of Twitter down pat:

Step aside Beiber, Tiger, Lebron, etc..... Charlie Sheen is winning now!

The only thing he forgot was the # sign for all those meme's. It'll come to you, Nate, don't sweat it. You're textbook, after all.

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