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Tuesday Night Link Dump & Open Thread

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Roli is awesome. That's all. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Roli is awesome. That's all. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The season's over. Now what? (The question we are all asking...) 

While the fact that the season is finished sinks in, there is quite a lot to think about - including the real impact of the 2010 - 11 season [Tampa Tribune], or on a less uplifting note, where all of the UFAs / RFAs will end up. While Steven Stamkos hopes to stay with the Lightning [St. Petersburg Times] (and Simon Gagne as well []), we all know that the roster won't be the same the next time around.  

But still! With the Lightning officially packed up and out of town, there are still so many things ahead. As for hockey, there are the Stanley Cup Finals, and if you need to mix it up, there are books to read, tans to get, exercise to be had (perhaps yoga?). If you aren't feeling any of my list items for summer, feel free to start with the list of links below & after the jump. 


(we're not inundating you on Thrashers / Winnipeg coverage in our link dump, mostly as this was put together before today's events.  That, and we can all talk about it in tonight's open thread)

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