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Tuesday Night Link Dump and Open Thread

Here's a quick explanation about these Tuesday Night link-dump open threads:  We amass links to other sites from around the web during the week, and publish them all on Tuesday Night's at 7:30 during the off-season.  We invite everyone to stop by and chat and treat this like a game-thread...  Even though there is no game going on.

The thread will be open until...  Well, until everyone gets lost. 

Anyway, below you'll find some of the links from this week.

Lightning Links


NHL News and links



In general sports news (and added by John cuz he's a control freka like this):

Tampa Bay and Florida sportswriter / legend Tom McEwen passed away.  McEwen has had a hand in sports around the tampa Bay area (as a writer and as an influence) for more than 50 years.