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For the Lightning, a symphonic storm approaches

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There's a song that can always be associated with a time or a place for people. Sound can help us recollect, especially when we are moved in one way or another by what we hear. And, of course, music and sports can bring back the thrill of victory, or the heartache of a loss... That, or simply foster a musical association between a sport and a sound.

With all that said, it was reported today that the Tampa Bay Lightning are having a custom introduction piece of music recorded this week. The session musicians for this piece? The Florida Orchestra. Said CEO Tod Leiweke:

"We wanted some music that was emotional and stirring, something that excited the fans. This piece and the video that accompanies it will be about the beauty inherent in the bay area and the energy and power and speed of hockey, and it will lead to the player introductions. We think it's going to be cool."

Emotional, stirring, excitement, power... Great, good, I'm all for it. But can it be catchy?

Yes, I do mean catchy. It's a little tougher to achieve with a full orchestra... But that brings us back to the music-by-way-of-association that I talked about above. I think everyone can tie music - either pop music or team/station-commissioned theme music - into a team, or a certain time or place with a team.

The piece was composed by Gregory Smith, and is due to be recorded at Springs Theatre on Thursday.