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2012 NHL Lockout

A dedicated section for the labor dispute

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Three PPGs put Lightning over Red Wings 3-2; lead series 3-1

The Red Wings hope to slow and stymie the Lightning again while they still hold the home ice advantage. The Bolts lead the series 2 games to 1.

Lightning a less-costly NHL fan experience

According to Team Marketing Report's annual Fan Cost Index research, the Tampa Bay Lightning increased their ticket prices a mere one percent post-lockout with an average ticket price of $38.1

Post-lockout conditioning for Bolts

After a hot start, the Lightning have faded in th standings with players in game-shape rising to new heights, and lockout-idled standard bearers looking hobbled and spent.

2013 NHL season opener: A splash of cold water

Not everyone is absolutely thrilled that the NHL is back. Some of us just aren't able to muster up the same kind of enthusiasm as others.

Bolts vs. Caps preview

Nine months after the 2011-12 NHL season concluded in Winnipeg for the Tampa Bay Lightning, the franchise resumes its quest for Lord Stanley's Cup in its 2013 season opener against Washington.

Bolts schedule released

After a long day of waiting, the Tampa Bay Lightning schedule is released to teh public.

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Lightning preseason updates

With the end of the 2012-2013 NHL lockout, the race to the beginning of the NHL season is on for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Within this post are a collection of updates and stories leading in to the 2013 Tampa Bay Lightning season.

Training for the 2013 NHL season

So you heard the NHL Lockout is ending... Just when are training camps starting? A window of dates give you the gist when you can expect trainign camp to start.

Mixed feelings as NHL hockey resumes

It's your thing. Do what you want to do.

2013 NHL Season: Time for players to report

Now that there's a new NHL CBA, it's time for the players to come back.


You'll see hype, you'll see collective sighs of relief, you'll see rejoicing... But don't get caught up in the revelry. The NHL has aggrieved you, the fans, and an end to the lockout doesn't even begin to make amends.

Give the gift of the game

All some of us want as a holiday present is to be given our team back; for Tampa Bay hockey fans - a few alternative "gifts" that are the sport of hockey.

"Socially" supported despite the lockout

It's a bit of a contradiction that the NHL brand is tarnished, there is a growing sense of apathy toward the league, an

What if the NHL erased the roster?

However loyal you are to the Tampa Bay Lightning, the NHL's legal filings could lead to the cancelling of every contract of every player in the league.

The villain of the 2012 NHL lockout

They may all seem like bad guys, and it may seem like we're ignoring certain bad guys in the 2012 lockout too. Our question this week is who is the biggest villain of the 2012 NHL lockout?

A league on stand-by

They are close, they are far apart. The only thing left for NHL clubs to do is be ready - for a resolution or for a continued contemptuous affair.

2012 NHL Lockout Diary: Day 1,415,893*: Implosion

Talks collapse and so does the hockey world.

Featured Fanshot

"I won't be skating any time soon. We were making progress I guess and then you get an ultimatum....

"I won't be skating any time soon. We were making progress I guess and then you get an ultimatum. Tough to take''
Lightning forward Martin St. Lou...
Featured Fanshot

"I won't be skating any time soon. We were making progress I guess and then you get an ultimatum....

"I won't be skating any time soon. We were making progress I guess and then you get an ultimatum. Tough to take''
Lightning forward Martin St. Lou...

Negotiating assists from Vinik, Yzerman

Though Pittsburgh Penguins owner Ron Burkle and captain Sidney Crosby are getting much praise for progress today with talks between teh NHL and the NHLPA, Tampa Bay officials have been major allies.

An open letter to Jeff Vinik

A respectful plea for compromise, for reconciliation, and an end to the 2012 NHL lockout.

Vinik joins meeting between owners and players

2012 NHL Lockout: Player/owners meeting will include Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik

Did the lockout black-out Operation Hat Trick?

If one online report is true, the NHL pushed or the Hurricane Sandy-related charity hockey game in Atlantic City not to be televised.

The lockout is sapping morale

The best way tod iscribe fans continuing displeasure is to site the fact the ongoing labor strife has rid the NHL fanbase of any positive morale.

NHL lockout grievances

This is purely my own opinion,, do we all suck at this NHL lockout thing or what?

2012 NHL lockout: Rushing things in the off-season

2012 While it's common to hear about divisions between the NHL and NHLPA, a report stated some of the things the lague and the Players Associatio have agreed to. One point seems enigmatic at best.NHL Lockout: Move up free agency?

B.J. Crombeen to join Orlando Solar Bears

RW B.J. Crombeen becomes the sixth Tampa Bay Lightning player to join another club during the 2012 NHL Lockout.

Another day, another 2012 NHL Lockout diary

What if the NHL and NHLPA threw a party and I went and watched the Syracuse Crunch instead?

Is the Tampa Bay Lightning roster set?

If the 2012 NHL lockout were to end, as a growing optimistic sentiment suggests, the Lightning may already have its opening-night roster with nary a call-up.

2012 NHL Lockout: The morning after

While the situation isn't exactly "no news", it's close. Perhaps you can have a shred of hope that a resolution is forthcoming. At least, for the moment.

Daly and Fehr talking late into Saturday Night

Representatives of the NHL and NHLPA continue talking late into the night on Saturday.

Winter Classic cancellation sparks apathy

The NHL may have lost the Winter Classic but it doesn't mean as much as you might think.