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2012 NHL Lockout

A dedicated section for the labor dispute

Conacher and the NHL's Calder Award

TSN's Bob McKenzie picks Cory Conacher as a would-be Calder Award winner

What Changed?

Months of posturing and rhetoric and hard-line stances have given away to what should have been a starting point in labor negotiation talks between the NHL and NHLPA. So what changed that led to the league dropping it's hardline stance?

Lockout protest planned

Bolts fan protest coincides team's cancelled season opener.

2012 NHL Lockout: Searching for signs of hope

Searching for a sign that the 2012 NHL lockout will cease sooner rather than later,

This stream has:

2012 NHL Lockout Diary

A running, sometimes off-topic, dialog on a personal level throughout the durration of teh 2012 NHL Lockout.

Hedman heads to Europe

Swedish defenseman opts not to go to Swedish Elite League during 2012 NHL Lockout.

2012 NHL Lockout Diary: Day 7

As the NHL lockout continues, more kooky diary posts will go up.

2012 NHL Lockout: Understanding labor terms

The National Hockey League's current work stoppage has led to people throwing around labor terms seldom incorrectly. Here are four terms and their meanings / how they are used.

2012 NHL Lockout Diary: Day 3

Some irreverent humor to get you through the NHL Lockout

2012 NHL Lockout: The tale of two polls

Two polls ran at different times this summer at Raw Charge, and you can se how optimism has been drained from fans with thanks to the fruitlessness of the NHL/NHLPA bargaining session.

2012 NHL lockout: Aggrieved fans and a sympathetic franchise

Fans are aggrieved, and it's the job of each franchise to keep their relationships with these would-be customers warm. That's what the Lightning did today.

The Cold War

No urgency is on display with the looming expiration of the NHL's collective bargaining agreement with the Players Association.