2012 NHL Super Skills Competition open thread

Team Chara


Team Alfredsson

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With fans wishing to congregate among friends during All-Star weekend events, I figured it was time tos top taking the lazy route and bring Raw Charge into the fold of 2012 NHL All-Star coverage.

Everyone - from every team - is welcome. Our standard probation period for new members has been removed for tonight's open thread -- so if you are not already a member at Raw Charge, or were annoyed with the fact you had to wait to become an active member - you are free to join us with no wait at all tonight.

The beauty of the Super Skills competition is you get to witness the raw abilities of the league's best. If the 2012 Super Skills competition is anything like the 2011 Super Skills competition, then we are all in for one heck of a show.

For the record, Lightning forward Steven Stamkos will be participating in theAccuracy Shooting, the Skills Challenge Relay and the Elimination Shootout.