2012 NHL trade deadline talk: An offer for Kubina on the table?

The Pavel Kubina saga looked like it would be settled very quickly on Thursday morning, when news came that the Bolts were sitting the defenseman from forthcoming games in order to protect his trade value (he will not be playing tonight against the Washington Capitals). The Lightning requested Kubina, who has a limited No Trade Clause, submit a list of five teams he is willing to accept a trade to (a stipulation of his clause).

If Kubina does not submit a list of teams to the Lightning by next Thursday, the No Trade Clause becomes waived, and the Bolts will be able to trade him wherever they wish.

Not submitting a list isn't likely to happen, though. Tampa Bay Times Lightning beat writer Damian Cristodero reported late Friday that Kubina's list of teams may come as early as today. Kubina's agent, former Lightning defenseman Petr Svoboda, told Cristodero:.

"Kuby is always a gentleman, so I don't think it's going to take seven days. ... We're going to go through some stuff (Saturday) and we're going to come to some conclusions."A report Saturday morning from a Detroit area newspaper claimed the Detroit Red Wings have an offer on the table for Kubina's services: What that offer is was not known.