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Quick strikes and links

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The biggest news for the Lightning this week? The fact that their AHL affiliate, the Norfolk Admirals have swept the Eastern Conference Finals and will be playing for the Calder Cup.

This is newsworthy in so many different ways, but one of the angles that's been, perhaps, a bit overlooked is, does this mean that Steve Yzerman's plan is working? Has he, in such short time created a system that is going to develop talent with which the organization can build from within? There are a hundred arguments for each side, and obviously, we're still a long time from knowing the true answer, but, perhaps Norfolk's success is another reason to give Stevie the benefit of the doubt.

Below are your Lightning links from the week, with some links from the rest of the league after the jump.

Your Lightning Links:

  • The Hockey Writers did a two-round mock draft, and their results for who the Lightning choose may surprise you.
  • Ryan Shannon has bounced for the Swiss League and will not be back with Bolts next season.
  • Here's a pretty great story: Remember David Carle? Brother of Matt Carle and a last round draft pick - having been diagnosed with a heart condition just prior to the draft - of the Lightning? He's been chosen for a job as a coach in the USHL. It's stories like this that prove that hockey is the greatest sport on Earth.

Your NHL Links: