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2012 NHL Lockout: The tale of two polls

The face of the 2012 NHL Lockout
The face of the 2012 NHL Lockout

Over the summer, the labor situation was hanging around like an unwanted and uninvited guest... It may have seemed like a pessimistic function at the time, but we posted a poll here at Raw Charge How optimistic fans were that there would be a 2012-13 season.

Of the 102 respondents, 64 had an optimistic outlook to one extent or another. You can view the full results here. That poll closed on August 1st... A good bit of time in the past.

On August 23rd, we opened a new poll here on Raw Charge that asked a more pessimistic question - how much time would be lost because of a work stoppage? The optimism from a month earlier faded away in the poll results. Of the 273 respondents - a far larger sample with thanks to more web traffic - the numbers showed a weary fan group. 161 voters - almost half - expected the league's lockout to last either months or cost the entirety o the 2012-13 season. You can view the full results here.

Neither of these polls are scientific, and the sample sizes are skewerd - one much larger than the other... It's still interesting to see how hope faded as the summer wore on.