2013 NHL draft lottery open thread

The draft order for the 2013 NHL draft starts getting hammered out tonight, and the landing spot for WHL defenseman Seth Jones (projected to go first overall during the draft) will be much more clear.

The 2013 Stanley Cup playoff matchups are set, the seedings were all ironed out and the schedule has been released. The National Hockey league is in the midst of its torrid post-season pacing of playoff hockey and other league activities (AWARDS! FREE AGENCY! DRAFT!).

That brings us to tonight and the 2013 NHL Entry Draft Lottery. For 14 NHL teams, the season is over and building for the future begins now, with focus on the lottery (which will determine the order of the first 14 selections in the 2013 Entry Draft).

While the weighted system of the Draft Lottery favors the teams that have finished with the worst records (the Florida Panthers, the Colorado Avalanche, and the Tampa Bay Lightning), this year brings up an interesting rub to the draft lottery rules. Normally, a team can only move up so-many places in the draft order. "Normally" does not apply this year. Of the 14 non-playoff teams participating in the draft lottery, every single one can win the lottery and the #1 overall selection. Complete rules can be found here.

The Lightning can pick no lower than 4th, regardless... But that does open the door for conspiracy claims if the Philadelphia Flyers or New Jersey Devils land the #1 pick (projected to be defenseman Seth Jones).

This is an open thread, and all are invited to chat with us about the draft and lottery. That, or complain about the telecast.

What draft selection do you think the 2013 NHL Draft lottery will provide the Tampa Bay Lightning?

1st overall3
3rd overall2
4th overall2