The Bolts and Sports Bars

We ran a story a few days back about a sports bar app called SportsBee which is supposed to help point out the location sports bars you can go to in different cities that will actually have your favorite team on TV.

Sounds like a useful tool, right? Well, hearing about sports bars across North American (hello, Canada! Bienvendios, Mexico!) That actually are either dedicated to or specifically carry Tampa Bay Lightning games on TV would be killer. I mean, we know about Hattricks in downtown Tampa... And locals know you can probably get the game at Ferg's in St. Pete (anyone with contrary information, you're invited to remark)... But where else? Where else in Florida? Are there any Lightning bars outside the Sunshine state?

I'm curious to hear about this... I mean, it's easy to disclose chain spots bars who will carry stuff on request, but how about dedicated venues (where they have the Lightning on first and put other things on upon request)?

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