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Steven Stamkos is better than you in every conceivable way [UPDATED]

Just over a month after breaking his tibia, Steven Stamkos resumes skating


Steven Stamkos is indeed better than the rest of us...including healing from a broken leg.

He's with the team on the road trip to continue his rehab (and because they've lost every game he hasn't been to since the injury, apparently). And I guess when you're made out of stardust you get to skate whenever the hell you feel like it, despite what mere mortals might think about it.

Videos are from:

The team

Damian Cristodero (Tampa Bay Times). This video would be awesome even if he didn't have a not-completely-healed broken leg.

And Erik Erlendsson (Tampa Tribune) [Note: this instagram video won't embed.]

This is, according to Cristodero, Stamkos's first time skating since the injury. And it's definitely a great way to start your Saturday. Enjoy!

In other injury news, Victor Hedman (lower body injury) is also rehabbing with the team in New Jersey, but he didn't break anything in a publicly excruciating way, so who cares about him, right? He skated, but didn't participate in drills. It's unknown when he'll be available again. Get well soon, Victor. Seriously. The team needs you, too.


Stamkos also spoke with media after his skate. Thanks again to Damian Cristodero for the video.


  • "This is the first time you guys have seen me skate."
  • Still no timetable for return, but things are on track. He just had his four-week X-ray and could see progress in the bone healing.
  • He insists he's not pushing things to the point of pain. This was more "for his hands" than for the leg.