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Matt Carle's brutal giveaway leading to a Rangers goal (video)

One thing that was consistent int eh 1st period of tonight's New York Rangers / Tampa Bay Lightning tilt was the wide open game where both teams seems to throw the puck around and turn it over. That was how it was for a time just over a week ago when the Rangers played the Lightning at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. It looked to be the same way tonight.

The difference was, soem of the brutal turnovers last week didn't result in goals for either team. This time around? You can't say the same.

Defenseman Matt Carle... Well, let me put it simply, he had a gaffe. A gaffe that led to Ryan Callahan scoring on Mathieu Garon and putting the Lightning in a 2-0 hole early.

It did not get much better as the game progressed. While the Lightning had plenty of their own odd-man rushes on Henrik Lundqvist, they were turned back again and again... Meanwhile, on the other end of the ice... Not so much. It's 4-1 in favor of the Rangers at the time of this writing with only a few minutes to go in the 3rd period.