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Video: Steven Stamkos remarks post-game remarks after victory over the Ottawa Senators

The reigning Rocket Richard trophy winner talks about the Lightning's playoff quest and his Rocket Richard trophy battle with Alex Ovechkin.

For Tampa Bay Lightning forward Steven Stamkos, the team's overall goal is simple: playoffs or bust.

Regardless of the odds against the Lightning, the team still continues to push for the postseason. The Lightning's 3-2 win against the Ottawa Senators surely helped get closer to that goal.

"We have no choice right now," Stamkos said. "We need some help but we aren't going to quit here until that you see that line across the Tampa Bay Lightning saying we are officially was a big win for us tonight."

"You just gotta try and win every game."

On a separate note, Stamkos scored his league lead-tying 26th goal Tuesday night. Stamkos's goal also happened to be the game winner.

Washington Capitals' forward Alex Ovechkin is the player tied with Stamkos in goals scored this season. Stamkos is fully aware of the battle.

"It is going to be really fun down the stretch," Stamkos said.