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"Greetings from Tampacuse" shirts now available from Raw Charge

The popular phrase / hashtag for Lightning and Crunch fans can now be found in three different color schemes for three different shirts.

Designed by John Fontana

If Tampacuse were a location, would it be Tampa, where the Lightning have seen their roster increasingly stocked with products from the Syracuse Crunch, including their head coach? Or is Tampacuse Syracuse, New York,,which has become the beneficiary of the Lightning's current prospect depth and devotion to player development?

The phrase, mashing up Tampa and Syracuse, became a popular hashtag on Twitter this season from both fanbases. Tampacuse, it seems, is a force to be reckoned with and something to take pride in.

And now we've put it on a shirt.

"Greetings from Tampacuse" embraces the blue and white - the primary colors of both the Bolts and the Crunch - as well as orange that is tied to both Tampa and Syracuse.

Embrace Tampacuse and show your support for the future and the now with this t-shirt from the Raw Charge store. You can find a few more shirt designs from the store too.