Off Topic: Universal offensive output advanced stat?

I haven't been writing or contributing much on Raw Charge lately. That's not good. Neither is the fact this is the off-season and the true dregs of the summer. Hockey is so far off and yet it's so close.

At any rate, I started musing about Tampa Bay sports in general and was thinking about doing a post that compared the contributions of the NFL / MLB / NHL players in Tampa Bay instead of writing an opinion post about who is the best. (Of course, that leaves out pitchers and defensemen on the Tampa Bay Rays and Tampa Bay Buccaneers respectively, but that's something to muse about - universal contributive value - for another time)...

This made me wonder if is there an advanced stat / mathematical calculation that universally compares players across sports.

Taking four pro sports in North America (leaving out soccer, not because it's no longer major but out of my own ignorance on how to try to calculate) there are certain positive offensive numbers that become relevant: Points per game average for NHL and NBA players is pretty clear. Runs Batted In may be the equivalent in baseball (though a more advanced stat would probably be more accurate - as offensive output is not just scoring); football is odd to try to calculate as yards per game will be a high value while touchdowns will be few - and this is averaged out over a much shorter season than the other three leagues.

This doesn't take into consideration the negative factors that (I feel) should be part of an equation: turnovers/strikeouts.

What are your thoughts? How can we (mathematically) compare offensive production best between major sports?

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