Tampa Bay Lightning top 25 under 25 discussion

23-year-old Alex Killorn could easily be looked at as one fo the top 25 Lightning organizational members under 25 years old. - USA TODAY Sports

Raw Charge internally mused about the top 25 players under the age of 25 in the organization. Perhaps it's for a future series of posts, ut the discussion didn't get very far.

Hey, it's the offseason, we're thinking about other things and doing other stuff... Plus how potent (or impotent) players are can change from year to year. You know, the whole process of becoming thing. We're between processes right now and that means musing about players according to their contributions from the last process. That's not looking forward (as they are all under 25) as well as looking back.

For discussion sake, who are your top 25 players in the organization under 25 years old? The top two are no-brainers (Steven Stamkos and Victor Hedman) but there's much to muse about regarding everyone else, especially if you try to put this list in a comprehensive order of best to "least" (with how stocked the organization is right now, least isn't all that bad...and "worst" doesn't apply).

Every level is open to point to - the NHL team, the Syracuse Crunch (AHL), junior level prospects, NCAA guys, as well as those in Europe.

Just who makes up the top 25 Tampa Bay Lightning players under the age of 25?

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