2014 NHL Draft: Round 1 Open Thread

A day of speculation and transactions around the league gives way to the big event of the evening: The draft class of 2014. Join us for the conversation throughout the evening.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Raw Charge 2014 NHL Entry Draft open thread. You're likely not here to read an article, you're here to muse about the draft, speculate if we'll see a Lightning transaction or not (to obtain another defenseman or a goalie or perhaps to resurrect Elvis Presley -- love ya, King!

The Bolts are currently scheduled to select at #19 and #28 overall -- both happening later in the evening. That does not mean that we won't see something worth talking about before then -- there ARE 29 other teams in this league and some of the m have been very busy today (I'm looking at you, Vancouver Canucks.)

If you're interested in live updates on the Lightning/Lightning related accounts from Twitter, you can also find them right here on this page:

When will the Tampa Bay Lightning draft its first Florida-born player during the NHL Entry Draft?

Later date69