Former Bolt Cory Conacher goes to Long Island

Once again, left wing Cory Conacher will have an opportunity to prove himself in both a promising and challenging situation as he signs a 1 year deal with the New York Islanders. This will be Cory's third team since March, having been waived by the Ottawa Senators, picked up by the Buffalo Sabres, and then not given a qualifying offer from Buffalo yesterday.

While the Islanders have some very noteworthy talent to work with - hello, John Tavares - it is also one of the more oddly managed organizations in the NHL, where the club seems more in-tune with grabbing headlines than making sound decisions.

Here's hoping for Cory's sake (as well as long-suffering Isles fans) that he finds success and stability in Uniondale (and then Brooklyn if the club is wise enough to re-sign him), and the New York area learns of the three certainties in life: Death, taxes and Conacher.