A Pens blogger ponders a Ryan Malone return

Ryan Malone's career is in Limbo at the moment; it's between worlds with thanks (in part) to his DUI / cocaine possession arrest this past spring. The crime is playing out in the legal system with a no-contest plea delivered by the left wing last week in court.

What needs to be found is life after this incident in Malone's life. When and where will his career resume? Will it resume at all? His agent made the suggestion a few teams have shown interest in his services...

How about returning to his hometown of Pittsburgh? Ryan Wilson, who covers the Pittsburgh Penguins for Hockey Buzz, brought up the idea:

Ryan Malone will be a classic low risk signing (two way contract, league minimum) for whatever team that decides to take the risk. In reality it is much closer to no risk than low risk.

I see no harm in the Penguins offering Ryan Malone a tryout at training camp. Malone's arrest was certainly a low point for him. Some people mope and ask "why me" and others use it as a spring board to right the ship. By all accounts it appears that Malone falls under the latter category.

I would think the only risk here is opportunity for Malone. Attending camp is one thing, attending a training camp with a team he has a legitimate chance with is another; Pittsburgh is at the 50-contract limit.

Whatever the case and wherever he goes, I do wish Ryan the best of luck turning it around and resuming his career.