2014 NHL trade deadline: I don't want to play the St. Louis speculation game

Speculation is running rampant about #26 wanting out and... well, I don't want to play that game.Follow @johnny_fonts

So, uh, yeah... There's a rumor out there about team captain Martin St. Louis being pissy about his (initial) Canadian Olympic team snub and wanting out of Tampa. There has been no confirmation by the team that St. Louis is available, there have been no remarks from St. Louis that confirms he wants out, but of course the speculation engine is running at high speed, with the idle masses of hockey fans fueling it more than substance.

And I don't want to play along.

Seriously, Raw Charge is supposed to cover the Tampa Bay Lightning and a primo rumor such as this - the team captain! The dynamo that makes the Lightning go! - comes to light, you're looking for information from sources on the ground about the potential for a deal and blah-blah-blah.

Right, well... No.

Martin St. Louis having a knee-jerk reaction toward his General Manager upon his Olympic snub is possible, but it's very unlike St. Louis to give up on his teammates and put his own self-interest first and foremost. That's where I have the biggest amount of trouble with the rumor and the timing - it's not Marty's character to do it.

So, while I could cite Larry Brooks, Nick Kypreos, Bob Mackenzie, Lyle Richardson or any other reporter or blogger and what they've said and speculation they've dropped, I'll skip it until as-so-much a time as there is a confirmation (be it before the deadline or after the season) Marty wants out.