What happened to Vincent Lecavalier's imminent departure from the Philadelphia Flyers?

All the scuttlebutt suggested Vincent Lecavalier, former team captain here in Tampa Bay, was on his way out with the Philadelphia Flyers late this spring. The summer began and free agency ensued and the rhetoric continued; Vinny's moving on but where was debatable. Many suggested the Nashville Predators were his destination, and that rhetoric had started in Mary, continuing to build through the summer.

And now, nothing. And why not? Not only is Leavalier's remaining 4-years on his 5-year contract an Albatross for the Flyers (and whomever controls his contract) but Vinny is in charge of his destination via the no-move clause on his contract.His destiny is approaching infamy though by way of that contract as well as the bought-out 11-year deal he signed with the Lightning in the summer of 2008:

If Vinny moves on, the deal will happen before training camps open around the NHL (or perhaps during camp). But the "if" of Vinny moving on is a big one.