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Name that tune; individual goal songs for individual Tampa Bay Lightning Lightning players

A local beat reporter's suggestion leads to our challenge tot eh community: goal songs for each individual Lightning player.

Erik Erlendsson at the Tampa Tribune came up with an interesting thought the other day, an idea that's likely been pondered by other writers and NHL fans over the years; goal songs, nothing but goal songs:

The Lightning, in addition to their goal song, have also had some individual goal songs for players such as "Hammer Time" for Steven Stamkos, "Louie, Louie" for Marty St. Louis and "Going back to Cali" for Ryan Callahan.

So the idea came up, why not have a goal song for each individual on the team?

Good question, why not? I mean, this can't really happen if everyone wants to be unique - this isn't the WWE where a musical staff puts together individual music for each wrestler; there's only so much music out there that players would want to be associated with, then merge it with the fact there are 1800-plus players in the NHL and-

Oh, I'll stop the killjoy act. Let's have some fun here and name goal songs for everyone we can think of on the Lightning and the Syracuse Crunch for that matter (after all, the guys in the AHL are almost all potential Bolts).

Here's what to do: leave a comment below with an individual player and a single song suggestion. Yes, you can leave more than one comment / suggest songs for more than one player. For those reading the song suggestions, if you agree with the song association in a comment, recommend the comment (click the little "Rec" link below the comment). We'll create a listing of players and player songs by way of the most recommended suggestions.

For the sake of trying to add some rules and challenges in the selection process, be original and try not to suggest goal songs played by other teams (meaning don't suggest "Chelsea Dagger" by the Fratellis).

Another little challenge is to find a goal song for Steven Stamkos that is not by MC Hammer; just a social challenge really as Stammer/Hammer has been tied together for a while now and you'd think something else could also work.

And yes, the goalies are eligible too; Ben Bishop, Evgeni Nabokov, Kristers Gudlevskis and Andrei Vasilevskiy have the potential to score goals too. It may be implausible but not impossible.