A short (ahem) fanpost about Marty’s 1000th point presentation


Martin St. Louis did not score his 1000th point against the Bolts. The Bolts allowed the Flyers to have that honor, and now that we’re back for yet another game against the Rangers in MSG (I admit that I’m kinda done with this series already), the Rangers decided to rub the Bolts’ noses in the achievement.

Just kidding, I’m pretty sure the Bolts felt just fine about it.

The Rangers’ presentation was nice. They showed a video that highlighted Marty’s achievements, from his first goal, through his Stanley Cup win, to his latest against poor Steve Mason (as an aside, I wonder if the Flyers are just as sick of playing the Rangers as I am, because every time the Bolts beat the Rangers they go take out their frustration on the Flyers).

In my opinion the recap part of the video actually looked a whole lot like the one that the Bolts just showed for Marty’s return to Times Forum Amalie Arena, so I can’t help but feeling like we stole the, er, thunder here. Sorry, Rangers. However, the best parts of the video were the taped segments from Marty’s old teammates. Lecavalier showed up, as well as Brad Richards and Stamkos, and a bunch of other people. They all mentioned how honored they were to have played with Marty. They mostly didn’t sound like they were reading from prompt cards, too.

The Rangers made this a family affair, inviting Heather, Marty’s three sons, and his dad to the carpet for the event. They called over Lightning captain, Steven Stamkos, to deliver a small gift to Marty. Stammer skated over with the biggest Tiffany’s box I’ve ever seen — but instead of presenting Marty with the most awesome ring ever (which would suit someone with the spirit and, er, size of a Hobbit), it was announced that the Lightning were giving him an engraved silver tray from Tiffany’s. Okay. I dunno. If I made 1000 career points in ANYTHING I’d want something more like…

Hm, a really sick ping pong table for all the kids! — Which the Rangers actually got for Marty, so it’s a good thing he changed teams.

Marty also had the honor of the four tallest guys on his team skating over to hand him a special gold hockey stick. Oh wait — those guys were not selected based upon height, they were the Rangers’ C and other three As. Anyway, he’s been properly feted in front of his old team, now, and can we be done with the Rangers already?

I think the main takeaway for me is that too much nostalgia is basically enough. Congrats, Marty! Now let's beat down your team.

The end.

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