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Bobby "The Chief" Taylor moving out of the broadcast booth after the 2014-15 season

The long-time color commentator is taking on a new studio role and will remain on Lightning broadcasts in the years ahead.

Tampa Bay Lightning

He's a long time standard form the Tampa Bay Lightning broadcast booth and a personality linked to Bolts broadcasts for more than 20 years... But Bobby Taylor, known as "The Chief" is moving away from color commentary during game play for Lightning telecasts after the season.

He's not done with working on game day broadcasts; he'll be a studio analyst at intermission.  I'll leave it to Bobby's words. From the TB Times article:

"The road was starting to get a little old," Taylor said. "I've been traveling since I was 15. ... The road isn't as good now as it used to be."


"I'm really not getting a whole lot of teaching done (during the broadcast)," Taylor said. "I love to show the little idiosyncrasies of the game. We don't really do that anymore. ... With the way the game goes now, you don't get a lot of time to talk and really get to do anything."

It's unfair to commence speculation now about replacing Taylor and who fits the bill, but former Bolt Chris Dingman has earned some fans for his studio work on game days and rink side reporting. At times on Raw Charge game threads we've had people contemplate the idea of Dinger seeing time in that color commentator capacity.

While Dave Andreychuk and Jassen Cullimore have both seen time tied to the Lightning in the media (on TV or on the radio) it's always possible for the team to look outside the immediate organization at candidates... Heck, Andre Roy and Enrich Ciccone may both be working in Quebec but they're both broadcasters and endeared characters in Lightning team history.

There are others, both with ties to the Lightning and not, who could step in... But that's really discussion for a later date. We've got just over half a season left to savor The Chief in the role we've grown to know the man and love him as one of our own.