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Quick Strikes for Sunday, December 14

Keeping up with former Bolts, Vinik and the possibility of revenue in the south, an unexpected proponent for hockey in Vegas, mumps, and more, in this Sunday's Quick Strikes.

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

  • Cory Conacher, once one of John Cooper's mainstays in the AHL, has been traded and demoted until this week's pass through wavers. Jets Nation weighs in. [Jets Nation]
  • Damien Cox damns Southern hockey with faint praise in his article about Lightning owner Jeff Vinik and Channelside. The URL alone is worth a gander ("vinik-trying-to-turn-lightning-into-a-team-that-matters"), and the gist of the article is that Vinik might have a chance to create the only Southern NHL team with a positive net income. []
  • Erik Erlendsson muses and laments about Bobby "The Chief" Taylor; things just won't be the same on Lightning telecasts without Bobby's presence in the broadcast booth. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Former defenseman Brian Lee has retired from hockey due to a knee injury sustained during his 2012-2013 stint with the Syracuse Crunch. Lee was drafted in 2005 by the Ottawa Senators and traded to Tampa Bay in the spring of 2011. []
  • Congratulations to fellow Bolts blog Lightning Shout, who is partnering with the Blgguin network. [Lightning Shout]
  • After struggling early in the season, the Syracuse Crunch are trucking right now, winners of six straight.  Their latest coming in overtime over the Utica Comets. [Syracuse Crunch]
  • Last week the mumps hit New Jersey, and may have spread as far as Philadelphia. reports that Sidney Crosby is probably going to need a few more tests before mumps are ruled out. The Bolts will be visiting Pittsburgh on Monday. []
  • Speaking of epidemics, Minnesota State Mankato cancelled a match against Princeton last night due to the flu. Such a large number of players were stricken that there were not enough left to fill a team. Got your flu shot yet? [Star Tribune]
  • ESPN is touting the Red Wings as the current team to watch, the "best Red Wings team [Coach Mike Babcock] has seen since the 2008-09 season." This article came out just prior to the Wings' three losses in a row to the Leafs, the Panthers, and the Leafs again, but the Wings are still tied with the Bolts for first in Atlantic. []
  • Hockey in Vegas has an unexpected "unofficial advisor" -- Wayne Gretzky, who is apparently a current business partner of prospective owner William Foley. Sportsnet speculates that if Gretzky gets more involved, it would be his return to the NHL since stepping down as Coyote coach in 2009. []
  • Air Canada Centre, hosted the very first CWHL All-Star game last night. The teams (Red vs. White) were selected from among the five CWHL teams, and Red won a 4-3 victory over White. [Sports Illustrated]