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Quick strikes: On an impulse, change it all

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As day 8 of the men's Olympic ice hockey gets underway, here is some reading from yesterday to fill your morning.

"Camp?!  Camp?!  They're going to camp?!!  Why wasn't I invited?  Oh, wait..."
"Camp?! Camp?! They're going to camp?!! Why wasn't I invited? Oh, wait..."
Bruce Bennett

The Tampa Bay Lightning resume practice today with a minicamp opening in Orlando, but the Winter Olympics press on in day eight of men's ice hockey action.  This is your open thread for todays contests.

Have a great story or know of a good piece of writing that we should feature in a Quick Strikes post?  Email us at with a link and a quick summary of what the piece is about.

Tampa Bay Lightning News
  • Alexis Boucher reviews the need and desire to chase defense at the 2014 NHL trade deadline. [Lightning Shout]
NHL and General Hockey News
  • The AHL's Portland Pirates and Adirondack Phantoms end their game with a whole lot of nasty [Penn Live]
  • Right on cue, one major happening inspires calls for rule changes to the NHL on an impulse to create more excitement. Call this the T.J. Oshie Decree. {The Hockey Writers]
  • The Dallas Stars have some looming restricted free agent questions [Defending Big D]
  • Linus Omark's storied career with the Buffalo Sabres is over... Okay "storied" is a stretch. Call it a torn leaflet. [Die by the Blade]
Twitter follow of the day

Josh Weissbock is worth a follow and is criminally underfollowed.He created the web-based scoring chance tracking application that I and many other use, and he's writing a graduate thesis about machine learning and hockey analytics. He occasionally writes articles for NHL Numbers and also runs "Nucks Prospects", a Vancouver Canucks prospect site in the model of Bolt Prospects.

And he's just a good follow, funny guy, with a unique perspective.