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St. Louis reportedly requested a trade in 2009 to the New York Rangers

From former Tampa Bay Lightning GM Brian Lawton now with Sportsnet, We link to a bigger article here but here's the money quote that introduces it all regarding Martin St. Louis:

"I can tell you that when I was in Tampa in 2009 right before the trade deadline where Marty was waiting in my office for me and he came in and said that he wasn't happy and wanted to be traded and wanted to be traded to one team which was the New York Rangers. So when I heard this, it's a little bit deja vu."

Lawton had much more to say and the point that former Lightning head coach John Tortorella took over the Rangers around the time of the trade request is also mentioned, so I greatly encourage you to click over and view the full story. The point is, this isn't new with St. Louis, and that the Olympic snub is just the latest catalyst.