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Interested in writing for Raw Charge? We're looking for new Tampa Bay Lightning writers to join our staff

Have a love of hockey and the Tampa Bay Lightning? We're looking for a few good pens to expand our coverage here on Raw Charge.

An NHL season requires a lot of words to be written by the staff here at Raw Charge (and on SB Nation in general), we don't always cover news and events as best we can because we have other obligations in our lives and a lack of time to invest in certain features and certain aspects of the Tampa Bay Lightning, the NHL and hockey in general that we'd like to cover better.

That being said, we're looking to expand our roster of writers here on the site to help cover advanced stats, prospects, game day coverage, possible in-person event coverage, and social media among other things.

We're looking for people with writing experience -- journalism or communication students, bloggers, even message board veterans - who have a body of work we can review and who can make a commitment to contributing regularly. I know some of our own community has expressed interest in writing for Raw Charge, and we're open to incorporating people from the community, but we have to see what you can do writing-wise. That's why we make a stink about FanPosts - that's the best place to make it clear you can write and make the commitment to doing it regularly.

For those interested, drop me a line at